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Spread LOVE: A Narrative by Hustle Emcee

By Calvin Murrell

Spread LOVE: A Narrative by Hustle Emcee

Once upon a time there was a kid who could do anything in the world, he chose hip hop. It was around the mid 80's in ENY Brooklyn when the kid was first memorized by the seemingly overnight transformation of what life was like. There was this new music popping up on the radio, new dances and shit...and the trains became these time traveling machines that felt like they transported you to another world. IYKYK.

Only 5, maybe 6 years old at the time, son was still young but the seed was planted. Fast forward, now we're living in 2021 and that same "kid" has seen a few things. Hip Hop, to say the least, has seen a few things as well. In pursuit of a few destinations, son has learned to travel around tracks at terrific speeds over basslines and breakbeats. The journey is often uncertain, but time has proven that the rewards greatly outweigh the risks as long as he sticks to the script.

All fairy tales aside, welcome to my first full length album. I make music because I LOVE it, it's that simple. Over 15 years ago I pursued a goal and found a passion. I wanted to learn the music business and picked up a craft. And that craft has treated me well, especially in my darkest hours, at times it was literally and figuratively the only light on in the house.

Allow me to share with you what Hip Hop has provided me. Spread LOVE is my contribution to this jam...shout out to Milk Dee. And this project is dedicated to those who are never too scared to give it up in order to get it right back.

Spread LOVE the album and merch available now!

Thank you for your continued support.