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Live Long feat. Ant Live! (Official Video)

By Calvin Murrell

Live Long feat. Ant Live! (Official Video)

To me, this song represents self awareness. Being aware of one's present reality and location, and having the vision to put in the work that changes the direction of a moving vessel.

Life is short, but it's also infinitely long. And coming from where we come from, the sooner we realize that, the sooner we are able to refine our paradigm, seeing clear further and further down the road. That's my goal in sharing this song and video with the world.

As for the music video, shout out to @QuestGod for holding us down in 20-something degree weather. It was cold as sh!t the morning of the shoot, but we soldiered up and played our part performing the art. We moved thru different sections of Trenton, NJ to visually shed light on the capitol city's own effort to "Live Long."

The town is a destination as lively as they come, but on the other hand it's been combating urban blight and decay for decades. As for the environment, real estate to be even more specific...Live! said in his verse "25% of the town is all vacant." A simple, yet stark fact. That ratio is crazy. Our work is laid out for us.

I appreciate that verse because it gets right to the point with a necessary urgency. We cut this song in the weeks after the world lost Nipsey Hussle, so we all were mourning that on different levels. And with everything he represented on full display and in real time, the gravity in the words was right ON time.

Live Long is the work ✌🏾️